For the transitional times in your life that need an extra hand...

  Rebecca K. Zusel, M.S.W.

I am a Licensed Clinical Social Worker, wife and mother of three children.  I   received my Bachelor of Science Degree in Family Relations and Human Development from The Ohio State University; and my Master of Social Work Degree from Loyola University-Chicago. Some of my previous work experiences include:

  * School Social Worker in the Elementary, Middle and High School levels
  * Domestic Violence Counselor
  * Transitional Specialist (helping people transition from school to work)
  *Advocate for Special Needs students
  *Outpatient Mental Health Clinician
Through all of my personal and professional experiences I have found that helping families through difficult times is extremely rewarding.  As I continue to face the challenges and triumphs of parenting in my private practice and in my home; it becomes more and more clear that everyone from a newborn to a grown adult can benefit from support from time to time. While I have continued my work as a clinician and helping people in need, my passions have begun to lead me down two interesting paths.

I have developed techniques and methods that have made the transition into parenthood come with ease and joy  (Newborn Care). I have fought diligently so that children with special needs can have an advocate speaking for them and protecting their rights for services; so they too can have the best educational experience (Advocacy).

I truly believe that there is no box that any person can fit perfectly into.  With some empathy, nurturing, flexibility and an open mind, all things are possible.   If you are interested in hearing more about my services and if they may be right for you, please follow the links.