For the transitional times in your life that need an extra hand...
  • My child seems to be falling through the cracks at school, will he succeed?
  • I keep hearing from teachers that my child may need "special ed", what is that?
  • Teachers are saying my child is a behavior problem or ADHD/ADD and maybe he "needs medication," is this true?
  • I keep trying to get help, but keep getting the "run around" from our district, what can I do?
  • How do I know if my child even needs special services? Can someone explain this to me?


Understanding the law and Special Education and how it can work for you can often be confusing.  People are often intimidated by the jargon used by the "experts" and leaders in the field of education.  Being the most knowledgeable resource will help make you a better advocate in securing services for your child.


As your advocate I can help you navigate through the process of evaluating your child for Special Education.  There are two laws under which children can be served: 1. IDEA, a categorical funding law and 2. Section 504 of the Rehabilitation Act, is a civil rights law. There are steps both you and the school board must follow to ensure that the process moves forward in an appropriate direction.  As the parent you have the RIGHT to have any person on your behalf speak or assist you in any or all these processes. And; you have the right to a (FAPE) Free appropriate public education if your child is between 3-21 years of age, inclusive, including children with:

*learning disabilities   *speech and language   *autism   *gifted   *emotional impairment *visual and hearing impairment   *cognitive impairment   *other health impairment

The Special Education Process

Step 1. Referral-requested by parent or school

Step 2. Screening-If no services are necessary, you should receive a refusal to evaluate notice in writing

Step 3. Case Study Evaluation

Step 4. Multidisciplinary Conference-(MDC) otherwise known as a "Team Meeting" or MET

Step 5. Individualized Education Program (IEP)

Step 6. Placement and Services The Special Education Process

You are a valuable member of your child's "team."  The sooner you understand and begin working with the system; the smoother things start working for your child's education!